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Not Amused by Gothic-Romantic99 Not Amused :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 4 5 Relaxing on the Beach by Gothic-Romantic99 Relaxing on the Beach :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 4 4 Dance With Me Beneath the Moon and Stars by Gothic-Romantic99 Dance With Me Beneath the Moon and Stars :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 3 4
Cinderella's Christmas Gift
The backdoor window sat open revealing the frozen landscape of what once was a pumpkin patch. All shades of green and orange were wiped away in a blanket of pure white: the color of purity, innocence, and a hopeful future. It was a hue used in both weddings and funerals. While some found its lack of color bland, there were others who admired the simplicity of its beauty. Cinderella fell into the second group.
Cinderella watched the graceful ritual the flakes sprinkling from the clouds. They danced a most intricate ballet before diving headfirst to kiss the ground where each individual would mesh into a mural of winter. The flames from the fireplace kept her pale skin from freezing. Bruno lay sound asleep on the rug a few feet away from the servant.
Cinderella quietly sang the first verse to her favorite Christmas carol, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," as she swept the ash around the fireplace. She wished that the cinders could take a holiday. Cinderella kept a smile on her face. Neither
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Merry Christmas, Love by Gothic-Romantic99 Merry Christmas, Love :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 0 6 I Vow My Allegiance by Gothic-Romantic99 I Vow My Allegiance :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 5 7 Heading to a Party by Gothic-Romantic99 Heading to a Party :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 3 4 Xemnas Tease by Gothic-Romantic99 Xemnas Tease :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 2 10 Bellydancer by Gothic-Romantic99 Bellydancer :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 0 0 Hungry Kitty by Gothic-Romantic99 Hungry Kitty :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 3 6 Entrance by Gothic-Romantic99 Entrance :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 1 2
The mindless chatter and smells of breakfast and coffee were a staple each morning in the castle. Three men sat around the table, two of which were engrossed in deep conversation. The third listened and nodded when he agreed with a statement.
The sound of shoes clacking across the marble tiles caused all three to glance over at the fourth member of their team entering. He made his presence with grace while his blond hair bounced over the starch white lab coat which each step. His face was weathered and he wore his lips in his trademark scowl.
Treading behind him was a boy of seven years sporting a lab coat two sizes too large for his skinny frame. The sleeves hung several inches past his hands despite the lazy attempt to pull them up. The hem fell at his mid calves. The very look caused the two older men at the table to chuckle and the younger one to shake his head. He made a mental note to take it in, or at least mention that their boss purchase Ienzo an appropriate sized coat, before
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Marluxia by Gothic-Romantic99 Marluxia :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 3 2 Morning Walk by Gothic-Romantic99 Morning Walk :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 4 6
Breaking Point Ch 8: A Somber Refrain
Demyx laughed for nearly two minutes. His lungs strained and his cackles switched to a broken staccato and gradually ceased. Drool mixed with drying blood and both dribbled down his chin. He glanced down at the scarlet puddle that proved to be all that was left of Xemnas' existence. Demyx cocked his head to the left and grinned at how if he ever had a chance to meet they keybearers they would personally thank him for his assistance in their endeavors.
Axel's fingers twitched as he could only stand there and stare. There was nothing left of the man who was once his friend. Roxas had mentioned that Demyx was the one who hurt him, though in his defense the thirteenth member mentioned Demyx was not in his right mind at the time. The Flurry of the Dancing Flames could not help but blame himself for allowing Demyx to simmer for so long.
If I had only forced him to speak.
"This can't be happening," whispered Vexen.
With a snarl Saix summoned his claymore. Just as he was about to lung
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Ienzo by Gothic-Romantic99 Ienzo :icongothic-romantic99:Gothic-Romantic99 2 6


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What a beautiful picture. I love the amount of excess you used for her dress, very true for such a vain character. The hairstyle looks ...


Hello, everyone. I have been a member of DeviantArt for three years now. It doesn't seem so long compared to my seven years on fanfiction. Anyway, I'm here to make three announcements.

1. I'm not going to be doing the song of the week anymore. I feel like I keep repeating myself every week with my reasons for liking a particular song. Also, sometimes it seems that there are too many songs I want to talk about that week. Then on other weeks I'm grasping for straws with finding something, and I might pick a filler song which is not really fair to the song itself. Also it's kind of time consuming.

2. I have decided not to continue my Organization Chibis comic strip. I feel the quality is poor, so I put them in storage until a later time if I get around to improving them.

One idea was to perhaps transfer it into written form, but I feel it would lose its charm if that happened. Besides I have lost all interest in writing.

3. That brings me to the third announcement, and this one is more bittersweet. I've already made this announcement on Fanfiction, but I'll make it here too. I have lost all inspiration and interest for art; at first I thought it was only writing, but lately I find myself not wanting to draw or paint either. I feel disconnected from my work, so I think it's best that I take a very long break. When I say long, that may mean a few months, perhaps years, or permanently. I had hoped this creative block that I've been experiencing for several months now would have ended, but sadly it hasn't.

I've already removed close to fifty deviations today alone (I didn't think them good enough to stay). Over the remainder of the night, and for the next few days I expect half of my deviations to be gone.

Being a part of a fandom and an art community was fun, but I think it's time to call it quits. I feel there are bigger and better things ahead that don't include art. Being a member on this site will continue to waste my time (I honestly feel I have spent way too much time here that could be used doing something more productive).

I feel it is only fair to tell all of my watchers and friends that I plan on leaving once I finish those last two comics. This isn't out of the blue, I've been feeling this way for months, but now is time for me to stop dawdling and make a decision, and I have. I will keep some of my best arts up, but nothing new will be coming.

I will continue to check in to offer support to my friends, but I won't post anymore art of my own. Therefore I won't be offended if you choose to remove me from your watch list. Again, if inspiration hits me again, I might return, but as of now I'm certain it won't be for a while.

Goodbye and Good luck to everyone here. I hope all of your dreams come true.



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